Misshun (mis-shyon)

FRIKSHUN ( pronounced Frik-shyon ) is a consulting and outsource firm specializing in custom application development with a focus on object oriented and web technologies.

FRIKSHUN's "misshun" is to provide the highest quality, innovative, creative and timely solutions to meet the very specific and dynamic needs of our clients.

Our services include custom application development, information technology consulting, resource placement, training and project management.
These services can be rendered onsite or at our Cary offices. We can work on a hourly, project or task basis.

FRIKSHUN's development philosophy is to employ a "RAD" style approach where a prototype of the proposed application is available in a short time frame - usually a matter of days. A prototype provides our clients something "concrete" to work with, enabling them to ensure their ideas and requirements are accurately being captured from the start.
This results in a more rapid development phase and nearly eliminates prolonged re-work cycles. Our clients benefit with no surprises, missing or mis-interpreted functionality in the end product.

Allen K. Taylor, President